My First Blog!

The juxtaposition of the statement “vicious and delightful” is interesting to me. If you notice, the URL, the blog name and this blog share the phrase, vicious and delightful.

When examining the phrase, we learn that a vicious person is cruel and a delightful person is charming. Words synonymous to vicious are brutal, ferocious, savage, violent, dangerous, ruthless, the list goes on.  And words synonymous to delightful are pleasant, lovely, pleasurable and enjoyable. As you can see, both words are conflicting of one another. The phrase makes more logical sense written as “vicious or delightful.” eh…I agreed to disagree.

I am vicious and delightful. Strong minded, opinionated and tough. However, I’m also sweet, giving, and caring. My vicious side is my protector while my delightful side is the nurturer.

Both words are powerful and mysteriously attractive. Most folks find ‘vicious’ and ‘delightful’ desirable and alluring words. There is something sexy about it when said. Are you vicious and delightful.

Yours truly,

V & D

Always looking for feedback. What are your thoughts? Reply below.

Upcoming blogs will focus on personal stories, images & photography about topics such as, sex, relationships, music and doobage.

Photo courtesy of, Tim Sklyarov and make-up by: Alesya Sklyarov

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