Sunday Wake n Bake

Sunday Wake n Bake.
Sunday Wake n Bake.
Movie: Leaves of Grass 
…That is natures delivery system for goodness…distilled into a pure form. It glides down to your belly and blooms into a feeling of peace. What is that you speak of? Well, it is them turbans you smell off them buds resting over there. What we’ve got here is your state of the art hydroponic society. As you see buds grow inside them tubes. Them tubes are dangled from the ceiling connected zigzag like and being grown solely by a water filtration system. Pretty fancy for a bunkin kid from the south.

I truly do enjoy a nice smoke after a long day. The process of rolling a blunt and then taking the first hit is amazing. My body is relieved of muscle pains and it reduces my anxiety level. But to have a perfect blunt, I take the time to roll the perfect blunt. Literally sometimes 20 to 25 minutes to roll one. My things is, if you’re going to smoke God’s finest herb, take the time to crush it up and roll it up.

Organic Indica X-13

My rolling style is manual and I use Dominican cigar leaves. Dominican leaves is part of my upbringing. My grandmother on my farther side used to roll Dominican cigars when she was growing up. Today, I roll Dominican blunts and prefer hybrids of the Indica strain. Materials I use to roll a sophisticated blunt are a cigar leaf (any cigar type of your choosing*), marijuana, knife/scissors, and a grinder. 

  1. Take your scissor and cut the leaf into a rectangular shape. If using a cigar, take the knife and cut it down lengthwise from butt to tip and remove the tobacco from inside, then cut the wrap into a rectangular shape.* 
  2. Take your marijuana and either grind the buds or cut them into smaller pieces. (Make sure you have enough to fill the thickness & length of the blunt.)
  3. Moisten your leaf and place the grind/cut marijuana into the leaf. 
  4. Mold and roll the leaf by carefully folding upwards into a blunt. Recommended diameter: 5cm+.
  5. Seal the blunt by licking the remaining top portion of the roll and press down the length of the blunt.
  6. Let the blunt air dry for a minute or two.
  7. With your lighter or match light your blunt and inhale.

*Note, Cigar type is important, but not necessary. And the key to maximize purer marijuana inhalation and minimize the leaf smoke is to have less leaf and more marijuana rolled. 

Pentax 70mm lens

and that is how you achieve the perfect blunt. “MaryJane…me love you a long time.”

Yours truly,

V & D

Photos taken by me with a Pentax, Lens 70mm and iPhone 5s.

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