Christmas eve and Christmas day with my mother

IMGP4171IMGP4209IMGP4181IMGP4246the coolest dog in the park

Such a wonderful turn of events. I had just come back from a 5-business trip on 12/23/2014 late night. The plan was to sleep through the rest of the holiday, but something told me to motivate and take my mother out. Besides, she was already house sitting my 14-year-old Tibetan Spaniel.

So we did just that; we slept in Christmas eve followed by a good breakfast in Union Square, East Village New York. We shopped for books at the local Union Square book-store. Between the two of us, we purchased two dozen worth of books. We love reading books, from nonfiction books to fiction books and from all walks of life too. This time around, our book list consisted of novels written by Dominican / American authors. To name just a few authors, Julia Alvarez, Trujillo and Junot Diaz. After book shopping we traveled by subway uptown west to eat dinner at one of favorite Cuban restaurant, Guantanamera. Good food, drinks and a live band. The food was delicious and the band played beautiful salsa and old Cuban folk music.

On Christmas day we took my dog out for some Christmas celebration to Tompkins Square park. She reunited with some of her mates. As always, she watched the other mates play. All in all it was a pleasure to hang out with my mother. 


Pictures taken by me, dmf with a Pentax SR lens range from 70mm-150mm

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