I arrive Friday morning and know I’m not leaving until the next week. I’ve never experience a business trip staying through a weekend, so this is a first and my anxiety is climbing.

What do I do I keep asking myself. I come to a realization that both my Saturday and Sunday are involved and I desperately need things to do to pass the time away. The more I think about “what to do” the stronger and faster my anxiety grows. For crying out loud, I’m in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It’s cold rainy and grey.

Friday was easy; busy and a fruitful day, indeed. I get to the office early morning and work my butt off all morning long. As I continue to work the smells of salsas and spicy seasoning fill the rooms. I stop working and I follow the smell to find myself in the lunch room where the rest of my colleagues are gathering. Its exciting because I get to enjoy holiday office parties. So I quickly grab a plate and jump in the buffet line. As I get to each food station I load my plate with all the fix’ins and sit at a table. What a wonderful feeling I thought, to see old and new faces catching up and laughing at different stories. After some good laughs and conversations I pick up, went back to my desk and continue to work.

Saturday morning came sooner than expected even after a very long Friday. I wake up early, but stay in bed watching the news thinking about what to do. I begin to get ready and issue emails highlighting the progress of the LDAP project. Meanwhile, I receive a text recommending the Walker Art Center, “check it out” the text says. I take the advice and finish getting ready. I head downstairs to grab some breakfast. The usual a hard boiled egg, fruits and some yogurt coupled with a tall glass of ice water.  Upon finishing my meal I see that a cab is standing beyond the big glass window. I scurry to clean up and proceed to walk outside to catch a ride to the museum.

Upon driving up to the museum, I perceive the architecture of the building boring. Somewhat shock because I read the museum showcases contemporary and modern art, so naturally the building should match. I walk in the building and notice the odd angles and cuts the walls hold the ceiling. These cuts and angels create odd shape rooms. Each of these rooms display their own content of mix media.

Some of my favorite displays are capture below. Photos taken by me with a Pentax 70-150mm lens.

IMGP4075 IMGP4083 IMGP4084 IMGP4086

After the museum i met up with a coworker at the mall. We shopped for christmas gifts and snacking at the food court. The mall experience was nostalgic it had been so long since i shopped at a mall. I reside in NYC and i dont know if a mall exist. Anyhow, I had a great time. As Im heading back to my hotel i think to myself all that axienty was for nothing. My saturday was a fun full filling. I was having such a great time i sincerely could not wait the upcomung days.

Sunday walk along the Mississippi River.


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