Sunday Afternoon with the NY Giants

I took my mother to her first professional football game and it was the first time I took pictures at an athletic event. The game did not command my attention, though looking through my camera’s lens I was captivated by their size, the human crashes and the speed each player posses.

At first taking pictures was hard. Players move fast. I started off taking single shots; duh not smart. The players were fast moving targets. I change the setting to my camera to continuous shooting and found this to be a more suitable option. Going through the pictures on my camera was like flipping through a movie flipbook. I watched again the game. Total of 232 pictures were taken. There are so many good ones, if I could upload all 232 pictures I would.

The pictures below shot with a Pentax Sr 130-150mm lens.

IMGP4468 IMGP4427 IMGP4354 IMGP4468IMGP4470

The Giants lost 26-34 to the Eagles. We left by the third quarter to head back to the city. My mother loved every minute of it. I think she enjoyed the snacks & beer more. As for me, my camera saved me. I don’t think I would have enjoyed the game as much.

Click the link to check out more fabulous photos on my Google+ page Giants vs. Eagles.

Yours Truly,

V &D

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