My Best Friend’s Wedding at Bali.

I recently came back from Bali, Indonesia. And wow the most beautiful experience I shared with two amazing families. The food, the locals and the scenic views were breathtaking. This trip was more than special I was traveling to Bali to witness my best friend’s wedding. The happy couple…IMGP7642IMG_4806[1]IMG_4798[1]IMGP7678IMGP7677IMGP7682 IMGP7680 IMGP7672

Of course Erica didn’t need any make-up, but the light palette applied on her totally enhanced her hidden features. Kudos to the professional stylist and makeup artist, Scarlet  Keatinge. Cheekbone galore and Erica’s small dimple perfect for every picture occasion.

The wedding was a total hit. Erica and Willow both expressed they had yet to see the venue. The day the Garza moved into the villa we all discovered how fucking magical the villa is. Again Scarlet, spot on on securing the best of wedding destination places.

Erica’s best friend of 20 years made beautiful foot sandals with crystals and beautiful silver charms. The theme was perfectly match to the bridesmaid’s dresses.


Bridesmaids were gorgeous. No we didn’t plan the photo opportunity.


Mom and Pops, Patricia and Gabriel

IMGP7695IMGP7693A couple’s silhouette noctem aeternus.


IMG_4799[1]The decorations were lovely. Each piece was a perfect accent to the ocean view backdrop of the villa.

IMGP7710IMGP7685IMG_4813[1] IMG_4801[1]

KIller with swag. He was definitely best dress. I especially loved it when he pulled his pant legs up. He elevated his look with his own touch of freshness.


The Don’s hat. And the rest of wedding is all paaarty!

IMGP7722IMGP7730 IMGP7724 IMGP7723 IMGP7732 IMGP7736 IMGP7734

The Garza familia.


The wedding was the the icing on the cake. Beautiful people made this trip worth all the miles and hours spent on a plane and or airport. Note, New York to bali and back was a total of 57 hours. Erica, I love you. The most important thing in your world right now is protecting, loving and being the best woman you can to the man of your life, Willow. Congrats!

Click this link to check out my entire vacation.

Love V & D

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