Jim Power an East Village curator

On Memorial Day, May 25th 2015 I had the pleasure to meet Jim Power of East Village. He is a 67 years old Mosaic artist and got his start after coming back from the Vietnam War. He developed PTSD and working off that energy he began his journey creating seventy mosaics over a period of 30 years.


Only about 20 of them remain. His creations live on telephone phones scattered over 2 miles in the East Village. He got his permission from the Department of Transportation (DOT). Jim explains that the DOT calls his pieces historical artifacts. The poles document the history of the ever changing East Village.

At 2nd avenue and St. Marks Place (West side of 2nd ave).


After living here for so long, I just noticed these murals. So many art gems everywhere in East Village.

At 2nd avenue and St. Marks Place (West side of 2nd ave).


It was at this telephone pole where I met him while he was cleaning his mural. Someone had defaced the American flag on the mural.

At 2nd avenue and St. Marks Place (East side of 2nd ave).


At 1st avenue and St. Marks Place.



On St. Marks Place between 1st and A avenue.

IMG_5279 IMG_5278 IMG_5276

This section of the mural is located diagonal from Grif Dog. A famous spot for their hot dogs, especially the Stoner Pack. A surprise with every order.


St. Marks Place at A avenue (south side of A Avenue)


This was a great moment of New York kindness. She came over when we were talking and donated a jar of pennies to his Mosaic Trail art project.

IMG_5232 IMG_5227

From 1985 to the present, Jim Power has donated his time to create and maintain these installations. He is looking to create more and needs your help. Currently, the project is awaiting funding from the city, please show your support by going to GoFundMe.com/mosaictrail. It is the longest standing outdoor art installation in East Village. The mosaic murals add character to our community, lets keep it alive.

Yours Truly,

V & D

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